Ali Al Jallawi:
     Contemporary Bahraini poet, born in Manama in 1975. Ali Al Jallawi began writing poetry at the age of fourteen. His early work was characterised by revolutionary and political ideas, and he was arrested at the age of seventeen because of a poem in which he criticised the political regime in Bahrain. He was arrested again in 1995 and imprisoned until 1998.
      During his time in prison Al Jallawi read widely and educated himself on many subjects. His rigid religious and political stance changed into a passion for ideas and intellectual openness, although he remains committed to achieving a just political system in Bahrain.
     More recently his poetry has dealt with philosophical and human-oriented subjects; his best-known work is Dilmuniyat (Dilmun was the name of an ancient Bahraini civilisation). Ali Al Jallawi lives in Manama, and as well as writing poetry runs a research centre dedicated to writing about Bahrain’s minorities and communities ignored by ‘official’ histories.



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